Obrazek wczytywania się skryptu Obrazek tła, rycina w drewnie przedstawiająca dwie kobiety ubrane w stroje tajlandzkie. Obrazek tła, zbliżenie na drewnianą rycinę. Przedstawa twarz kobiety. Obrazek tła, kamienna rzeźba przedstawiająca tajskiego bożka. Obrazek tła, ręcznik ułożony w kule razem z kwiatem lotosu.




Classic Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage is a holistic therapy that includes both the physical body, energy, mental and emotional. This unique, ancient style of massage is based on the idea of five bodies found in the philosophy of yoga. It is based on the main message - love and compassion. This is a synthesis of pressure, reflexology, stretching, gentle obstructing blood circulation and work with energy lines and breath. Whole body is massaged in several positions, on the back, the abdomen, sitting and on the side. In this massage there are used hands, thumbs, feet, elbows, forearms and knees. It is called not the massage but yoga for lazy people. Dressed in loose, non-binding motions clothes we surrender to the beutiful poetry of touch, we calm our mind, getting deeper into a state of deep relaxation and forgetfulness. As time ceases to exist, the two hours of traditional thai massage passes like two quarters. These two hours are the time required to penetrate the whole body with this awesome massage. The time frame less than 1.5 hours. do not include the whole body massage. Improved blood circulation, flexibility, reduction of muscle tension is a result of the focus in Thai massage on acupressure as much as stretching. It is salvation for people with stiff neck, back and whole body tired and sore from too much work. Recommended for people suffering from arthritis, movement disorders occurring in the joints. It is an addition to physical activity for people of all ages! It works on the lymphatic system, detoxifies the body, strengthens the immune system, prevents disease. It promotes flexibility, suppleness of joints and ligaments to prevent damage to the body. As an oriental therapy handed down from generation to generation reaches not only the body, but by working with Pranas, reaches the subconscious mind and the memory and facilitates the release of emotions.

Duration: 60 min. / price 120 pln
Duration: 90 min. / price 160 pln
Duration: 120 min. / price 200 pln